Out of Schedule Samples

Laboratories enrolled with ANQAP may request additional panels of samples.  These ‘Out of Schedule’ panels are useful when establishing or evaluating new tests and may be sent to the laboratory with the expected result for each sample provided. Out of Schedule Panel reports are not NATA endorsed reports.

ANQAP will always reserve the right to refuse requests for additional samples if stocks are low.

Sample Donation

ANQAP appreciate donations of sample material and are in need of serum donations from animals for any of the tests listed below, particularly those in bold.

ANQAP are in the process of introducing two new tests and are in need of samples for Bovine herpesvirus and Equine herpesvirus.

BVD is the only disease that antigen positive serum is required for.

Aino positive serum
Akabane positive serum
Avian Influenza positive serum
Bluetongue positive serum
Bovine Viral Diarrhoea positive serum
Brucella abortus (Bovine and Ovine) positive serum
Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Virus positive serum
Enzootic Bovine Leucosis positive serum and milk
Epizootic Haemorrhagic Disease positive serum
Ephemeral Fever positive serum
Equine Infectious Anaemia positive serum
Equine Viral Arteritis positive serum
Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis Virus positive serum
Johne’s Disease (Bovine) positive serum
Johne’s Disease (Ovine and Caprine) positive serum
Leptospiral serovars Hardjo, Pomona or Tarassovi positive serum
Newcastle Disease Virus positive serum
Q Fever positive serum

We would also appreciate donations of negative serum from avian, bovine, caprine, porcine, lapine, equine and ovine animals.

Ideally, donations should be in quantities of 200mL or more, however smaller donations are also appreciated.

ANQAP will cover any courier/mailing costs, but must be notified in advance for specific mailing requirements.